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Be closer to your customers & deliver faster: boost Sales & Customer Delight through Same-Day Deliveries across India. Our intelligent Fulfillment platform provides complete visibility into your Operations & Customers.

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India’s Favourite Brands trust ZFW to improve Fulfillment Times

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How It Works

1. Connect

Connect your online store seamlessly into ZFW through an API. Just a few clicks.

2. Store

Send over your inventory to our dark store locations. Our dark stores are secure & well-equipped with technological capabilities to support your brand’s order volume- as you scale.

3. Pick and Pack

After our platform receives orders through your online store, our dark store teams & systems help pick and pack- as per your brand SOPs & SLAs.

4. Same-Day Delivery

Given our dark stores are strategically located close to major residential areas: we partner with all last-mile carriers to help deliver to your customers at the earliest. Prefer a more unified experience? ZFW can also handle Last-mile Delivery for you!

5. Delighted Customer

Your customers receive their orders - which arrive faster than ever. They love the experience and keep coming back for more!

The ‘Everything-you-Need in Fulfillment’ Platform

Welcome to the world of full-stack Intelligent Fulfillment that keeps your customers coming back.

Dark Stores

With dark stores (of different sizes) all across your city- we’ll get your products fulfilled & delivered to consumers faster than ever!

Same Day Fulfillment

No minimum order guarantees, hidden fees, or surprises! You pay Zero on CapEx, Dark Store Rentals, or Salaries. With our pricing model- you’ll know exactly what your costs will be.

Last-Mile Logistics

We enjoy direct relationships with all last-mile carriers. Not happy with your current one & want a more unified experience? ZFW can also handle last-mile delivery for you!

Unified Experience

Complete visibility into your Order Management, Warehouse Management, & Finance Automation systems through our dashboard. Let us supercharge operations so that you can focus on strategy and rapid growth.

Your Partners in Growth

Our dedicated Customer Success team has seen it all. Beyond implementation, they will help strategize on improving online sales & customer service. Think of them as a true extension of your team that is in it to ‘win together’.

Reporting and Analytics

Consolidated & Dark Store-wise advanced Analytics, AI-based Demand Forecasting, Customer Retention, Branded Tracking page, & Feedback modules: all in real-time.


Fulfillment Accuracy


Fulfillment Cost Savings


Customer Delight


Upto 90% Reduction in RTOs

Seamless Integrations

We integrate with all major E-commerce tools and platforms to ensure Streamlined Fulfillment right from your online website to your customer’s door.
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