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Be closer to your customers & deliver faster: boost Sales & Customer Delight through Same-Day Deliveries across India. Our intelligent Fulfillment platform provides complete visibility into your Operations & Customers.

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Founders of India's biggest brands trust ZFW to improve Fulfillment Times

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How It Works

1. Connect

Connect your online store seamlessly into ZFW through an API. Just a few clicks.

2. Store

Send over your inventory to our dark store locations. Our dark stores are secure & well-equipped with technological capabilities to support your brand’s order volume- as you scale.

3. Pick and Pack

After our platform receives orders through your online store, our dark store teams & systems help pick and pack- as per your brand SOPs & SLAs.

4. Same-Day Delivery

Given our dark stores are strategically located close to major residential/commercial areas— your customers receive their orders on the Same-Day.

5. Delighted Customer

Your customers receive their orders - which arrive faster than ever. They love the experience and keep coming back for more!

The ‘Everything-you-Need in Fulfillment’ Platform

Welcome to the world of full-stack Intelligent Fulfillment that keeps your customers coming back.


Fulfillment Accuracy


Fulfillment Cost Savings


Customer Delight


Upto 90% Reduction in RTOs

Seamless Integrations

We integrate with all major E-commerce tools and platforms to ensure Streamlined Fulfillment right from your online website to your customer’s door.
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